New prototype published!

Just writing a quick note here to let everyone know I've made a handful of major updates to the Gem Diver prototype, and they're now available to play on the game page. I'd love to hear what everyone think of the changes! 

Here's most of what was added

  • Movement now works in 8 directions instead of 4
  • Player's now have a set movement range—turns don't end until you use your full movement range, or you press 'S' to skip
  • Enemies start out with a low movement range that gets higher as you progress
  • Exiting a level now requires a button input
  • You can hover your mouse over enemies to get their movement range
  • A few animations were added, mostly for fun

There are some other smaller updates made as well, but the above mostly covers it. Thanks for reading and checking out these new changes. After hearing a bit of feedback on this new version, I think I might just get started on the actual final game. I seriously can't wait.

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