A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Pendulum is a difficult, boss-centric beat 'em up with a unique leveling system.



Punch - J / Kick - K / Dodge - L / Interact - SPACE

Your character starts out weak and powerless. Only through dying can you grow strong enough and fast enough to win the encounter. After each death, you earn SPIRIT points to spend on your character's four stats. It's up to you how to use your SPIRIT by clicking the arrow buttons next to a stat. But keep an eye on your DOUBT meter! Each DOUBT point chips away at your character until they lose the encounter. There are many different ways to beat Pendulum, so it's up to you to discover the one that fits your play style.

Pendulum started as a project for the #NewJamCity game jam, organized by the Waypoint community forum in July 2017. The concept came from its original title, A Lil' Murder Never Hurt Nobody, which was selected and used for inspiration as part of #NewJamCity's rules.

Pendulum is currently just a small, playable prototype and is still being developed. It would be super helpful if you took a second to leave any feedback you may have.


Pendulum_Prototype (Windows) (43 MB)
Pendulum_Prototype (Mac) (60 MB)


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Updates are now live! Here's what's different in this current version:

  1. All character stats finely tuned and rebalanced.
  2. Leveling system recalibrated.
  3. New achievement system added, with 13 unlockable achievements.
  4. Added UI capabilities.
  5. Assorted bug fixes.

That just about covers it. Hopefully now the game is more fun to play and doesn't feel unfair (even if you lose). I'm especially looking forward to seeing what achievements everyone is able to unlock. Enjoy!

Hey everyone! Just a heads up that there will be some balance updates coming this week for this prototype. Feel free to play the game as-is, but it's probably going to seem unbeatable at this point. 

PS. It's totally not unbeatable right now, but it is a bit unfair. I'll be fixing that ASAP.