Blank Bit Protoype v0.3 adds tutorial, combo system, new visuals, and much more!

I started working on Blank Bit last November for GitHub's Game Off 2018 game jam, where it ranked in the top 20 overall and was named a "Staff Pick" by the organizers. Since then, I've been improving and polishing this prototype for the Finally Finish Something game jam. Now the finished demo is live with a bunch of snazzy updates! Here's a quick breakdown...

  • Added a short tutorial to familiarize players with the mechanics and lightly introduce the backstory.
  • Added new combo systems for more strategic play and maximizing high score potential
  • Added new visual and audio effects to highlight special moves and player progress
  • Expanded and fine-tuned the procedural generation across four levels of increasing difficulty
  • Added new music, sprites, enemy type, and sound FX
  • Fixed various bugs and quality of life improvements

The next update will feature an actual ending—something like a "boss" level—as well as more polish and additions to the audio and visuals. I'll also likely incorporate a persistent high-score leaderboard in the next update, and maybe a local multi-player option, if that's something people would be interested.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading :)


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Feb 04, 2019

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