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The latest update to Blank Bit is here! This is the biggest and best version of the game yet, which includes a bunch of new graphical polish, changes to the movement systems and difficulty balance, and more bug fixes than I care to admit. :)

No doubt, this is the game that I've always intended to make, from way back when I started development nearly a year ago. I'm super proud of how Blank Bit controls and ramps up the challenges. I think anyone who gives it a chance will find a lot of fun and replayability in this tricky high-score platformer. 

Can't wait to see some new names up on the leaderboard!


Blank Bit (Windows) 56 MB
Sep 13, 2019
Blank Bit (Mac) 57 MB
Sep 13, 2019
Blank Bit (Linux) 60 MB
Sep 13, 2019

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