Want to get better at Blank Bit? Here's 6 quick tips.

Let’s be honest: Blank Bit is a tricky game to get the hang of. But once it all clicks, everything will feel much less difficult. Here’s a handful of key tips for anyone just picking up this game for the first time.

1. FASTER IS BETTER — It’s simple but true. You should always be using your special moves (or CMND BLOCKS) as quickly as you can. If a platform seems too far away, just JUMP, JUMP, JUMP and you’ll be there. Trigger moves in mid-air, and always be looking for the best combos to keep you flying upwards and scoring tons of bonus points.

2. MOST MOVES KILL ENEMIES — Killing the enemies (or GREYWARE) is pretty easy when you know what to do, and it’s a great way to rack up points. As long as you use DASH, BOOST, or ERASE on them, they’ll be goners for sure.

3. WHEN IN DOUBT: DELETE — Yep, deleting the moves you collect is a key strategy to getting better at Blank Bit. If you feel stuck, chances are you need to delete some of the CMND BLOCKS that are getting in your way. As long as you have a JUMP or a BOOST, you’ll be able to reach the end of a level.

4. YOU CAN ALWAYS PAUSE — If you look at the info screen, it says that pressing the ESC key pauses the game. You can do this at any time for as long as you want. Plus, when paused, you can manually rearrange your CMND BLOCKS with your mouse. Definitely give that a try.

5. THERE ARE TONS OF WAYS TO SCORE — Picking up CMND BLOCKS, killing GREYWARE, and finishing a level are some of the most basic ways to score points (or BYTES). But there are so many more ways to rack up BYTES that won’t be obvious at first. (Hint: Using three or more CMND BLOCKS super fast is one way.) When you eventually do find some of the secret bonuses, congratulations! You have officially gotten better at playing Blank Bit.

6. YOU’RE GOING TO DIE, AND THAT’S OK — There’s a reason why this game keeps track of your BEST and your WORST score. It’ll take some practice to master the controls and discover the secrets to a super high score. Keep at it and you’ll be at the top of global leaderboard in no time!

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